Below is a list of the titles written in or translated into English and included in the former Delta Collection. They are listed in order of their Library of Congress Classification assignments.

Venereal disease problem : a general survey AC1
Interpretation of dreams BF1078
Sex and personality: studies in masculinity and femininity BF692
Sexual fulfillment and self-affirmation BF692
Female sexuality BF692
Psychoanalysis of sexual life BF692
Sex and love as it is written: illustrated with emotional and other charts by with the sex and love natures of men and women may be determined BF905
Erotic aspects of Hindu sculpture BL2003
Phallic miscellanies: facts and phases of ancient and modern sex worship BL460
Story of phallicism BL460
Sacred fire: the story of sex in religion BL65
Casanova's memoirs D285
Memoirs; the first complete and unabridged English translation D285
King Henry, the rake <Henry VIII and his women> DA332
Girl with the swansdown seat DA533
Tales of fair and gallant ladies DC112
Secret history of Procopius DF572
The lives of the twelve Caesars: unexpurgated version DG227
Collection of material relating to the coronation of Czar Nicholas II DK258
Hekura: the diving girls' island.  DS895
Call of the jungle DT14
Siouan tribes of the East E51
Us specialists, copied from privy walls for those still on the water wagon or those who have neglected their own walls E806
Lovers, mates, and strange bedfellows: Old-World folk-tales GR465
Art of bundling GT2651
Love in the South Seas GT2795 
Chastity belts: an illustrated history of the bridling of women GT2810
Sex control: curious customs of medieval times GT2810
Philosophy of the bed GT450
Cheating at bridge, go home with the winners GV1247
Mensendieck system of functional exercises: for educating the musculature according to the mechanical laws that underlie its operation GV341
Sunshine and health: The nudist GV450
Nudism exposed: As told by an ex-nudist: the author, an anonymous doctor GV450
Sussex maidens GV450
Defense of nudism GV450
Nudists GV450
On going naked GV450
Among the nudists GV450
Sexual freedom H21
Christian answers Kinsey HA18
Laws of life HB871
Whipping club: an account of some of the activities of a number of lovely women who have men in their power HE462
Ethical sex relations HG21
Simple methods of child training HG56
Sure, profitable methods to sell insurance HG8091
Premarital consultation : a manual for physicians  HQ10
History of prostitution from antiquity to the present HQ111
Sinful cities of the western world HQ117
America's cities of sin HQ117
Prostitution in the modern world; HQ117
Moon of beauty: woman and love in the East HQ1170
Sex in history HQ12
Pictorial history of morals. HQ12
Evolution of love HQ12
History of sexual customs HQ12
Love in ancient Greece HQ13
Sex, vice, and business HQ144
Hard to believe HQ144
The second oldest profession: a study of the prostitute's business manager HQ146
White ticket; commercialized vice in the machine age from the official records at the New York District Attorney's office HQ146
Erotic history of France HQ18
Scented garden: anthropology of the sex life in the levant HQ18
Follywood fantasies: who's doing who and how! HQ18
About the Kinsey Report HQ18
Sex in our changing world HQ18
Analysis of the Kinsey reports on sexual behavior… HQ18
Ethnological and cultural studies of the sex life in England… HQ18
Sexual misbehavior of the upper cultured; a mid-century study of behavior trends outside marriage in the United Statessince 1930 HQ18
Sexual slavery in America HQ18
Sexual behavior in American society HQ18
Fighting the debauchery of our girls and boys HQ18
Sex habits of American men; a symposium on the Kinsey report HQ18
Turkish art of love. HQ18
Venus Oceanica. The sexual life of South sea natives HQ18
Erotic aspects of Japanese culture HQ18
Erotic aspects of Chinese culture HQ18
Sexual behaviour and the Kinsey report HQ18
Sex beliefs and customs HQ18
Folklore of sex. HQ18
Kinsey's myth of female sexuality; the medical facts,  HQ18
Women of the streets; a sociological study of the common prostitute HQ186
To beg I am ashamed. HQ188
Anthropological studies of sexual relations of mankind HQ21
Sex life of an unmarried adult: an inquirty into and an interpretation of current sex practices HQ21
Sex habits: a vital factor in well being HQ21
Sex problems in modern society HQ21
Sex manual for those married or about to be HQ21
Technique of sex HQ21
Discretion and indiscretion HQ21
Patterns of sexual behavior HQ21
Ideal marriage, being a complete solution to the sex difficulties confronting a man during his younger days and married life HQ21
Sexual feeling in married men and women HQ21
How to overcome sex frigidity in women HQ21
An informal preliminary report on some factors relating to sexual responsiveness of certain college wives HQ21
All the sexes HQ21
Love in action: the sociology of sex HQ21
Sex technique in marriage HQ21
Introduction to sex education HQ21
Sex revelations and the new eugenics HQ21
Power to love HQ21
Sex perfection and marital happiness HQ21
Marriage manual; a practical guidebook to sex and marriage HQ21
Love in action HQ21
Man and woman; a study of secondary and tertiary sex characters HQ21
Sex happiness in marriage; up-to-date answers to the riddle of sex HQ21
Sex-conscious and the love-shy HQ21
Sexual behavior: normal and abnormal HQ21
Studies in sexual ethics. HQ21
How to attain and practice the ideal sex life HQ21
Woman pays HQ21
Discovery of the orgone HQ21
Sex and the senses HQ21
Encyclopaedia of sexual knowledge HQ21
Sex life in America, its problems and their solution HQ21
Single woman; a medical study in sex education HQ21
Sex life of the unmarried adult HQ21
Thalassa, a theory of genitality HQ21
Sexual fear HQ21
Sexual life, embracing the natural sexual impulse, normal sexual habits and propagation… HQ21
Patterns of sexual behavior HQ21
Sexual adjustment in marriage HQ21
Sex and marriage: Eros in contemporary life HQ21
Discovery of the orgone HQ21
Rhythm of life; a guide to sexual harmony for women HQ21
Thousand marriages; a medical study of sex adjustment HQ21
Evolution and dissolution of the sexual instinct. HQ21
Three essays on the theory of sexuality HQ21
Sex in relation to society HQ21
Sexual question; a scientific, psychological, and sociological study HQ21
Youth and sex, a study of 1300 college students HQ21
Single, the engaged and the married HQ21
Sex habits of American women HQ21
Psychosexual functions in women. HQ21
Modern sex techniques HQ21
Sexual life of our time in its relations to modern civilization HQ21
Modern woman and sex; a feminist physician speaks HQ21
Sexual feeling in married men and women HQ21
Illustrated encyclopedia of sex HQ21
Sex in social life. HQ21
Sex today in wedded life HQ21
Sexually adequate male HQ21
Sex knowledge for the entire family HQ23
Being born HQ23
Love starved world. HQ23
Housewife's handbook on selective promiscuity HQ23
Cities of sin HQ232
Erotickon HQ25
Curiosities of erotic physiology HQ25
Problem of European prostitution in Johannesburg HQ261
Psychiatric approach to the treatment of promiscuity HQ3
Sex problems in a nutshell HQ31
Kama sutra HQ31
Psychology of love and sex of the Hindus HQ31
Sex conduct in marriage (the art of maintaining love and happiness in marriage) HQ31
Man and woman in marriage HQ31
A ritual for married lovers HQ31
Sex, love and marriage HQ31
Youth's tragedies avoided HQ31
Sex life and marriage HQ31
Evolution of life HQ31
Sex practice in marriage HQ31
Naked truth about sex HQ31
Symphony of life HQ31
Eugenics and sex harmony HQ31
Sex life, before and after marriage HQ31
Sex happiness HQ31
Sex satisfaction and happy marriage: a practical handbook of sexual information HQ31
Handbook for husbands and wives HQ31
Sex practice in marriage HQ31
Hygiene of marriage: detailed consideration of sex and marriage HQ31
Commonsense about sex HQ31
Modern marriage and birth control HQ31
Drama of sex HQ31
Sex fulfilment in married women: sequel to the sex factor in marriage HQ31
Ratirahasya (Secrets of Love) HQ31
Man and woman in marriage HQ31
What about girls?  HQ31
How to prepare for marriage HQ31
Kama sutra: love precepts of the Brahmins HQ31
Sex studies from Freud to Kinsey HQ31
Bride and groom HQ31
Kama-sutra hQ31
Conjugal bliss HQ31
Modern marriage HQ31
My secrets of conquest love and keys to lifelong happiness HQ31
New commonsense about sex HQ31
Sex age HQ31
Sex knowledge inventory for marriage counseling HQ31
Marriage, a book for the married and the about to be married HQ31
Power of sex HQ31
Any wife or any husband, a book for couples who have met sexual difficulties… HQ31
Sex and its mysteries HQ31
Facts of life and love for teen-agers HQ31
Sex and the adolescent HQ31
150 sex questions and answers Hq31
Classical Hindu erotology HQ31
Sex studies from Freud to Kinsey HQ31
Sex in marriage HQ31
Love and the sex emotions, their individual and social aspects HQ31
Sexual nature of man, and its management. HQ31
Road to sexual maturity. HQ31
Sex guide to happy marriage. HQ31
Marriage, morals, and medical ethics HQ31
Satan in society, by a physician HQ31
Marriage and the sex-problem, HQ31
Men, women, and morals HQ31
Any wife, or any husband; toward a better understanding of sex in marriage HQ31
Sex satisfaction and happy marriage; a practical handbook of sexual information HQ31
Living a sane sex life HQ31
Sex and you HQ31
Sex in marriage HQ31
Sex and love HQ31
Sex without fear HQ31
Sex relation in marriage HQ31
Illustrated guide to sex happiness in marriage HQ31
Facts of life and love, for teenagers HQ31
Mystery of sex and race regeneration… HQ31
Marriage : some practical suggestions for happy married living HQ31
Sexual responsibility in marriage HQ31
Psychology of sex; how to make love and marry. HQ31
Truth about sex HQ31
Race regeneration, the mystery of sex; HQ31
Sex questions and answers; a guide to happy marriage HQ31
Women HQ31
Love and fulfilment in woman HQ31
Release from sexual tensions; toward an understanding of their causes and effects in marriage HQ31
Sexual development of boys HQ35
Girl chasers, sex life in Hudson County HQ35
Understanding sex HQ35
Sexual conduct of the teen-ager HQ35
Factors in the sex life of 291 boys HQ35
Man's sex life HQ36
Men. [The variety and meaning of their sexual...  HQ36
Sex adjustments of young men HQ36
Man and sex; a practical manual of sexual knowledge, HQ36
Attaining manhood HQ41
Growing into manhood HQ41
For boys only; the doctor discusses the mysteries of manhood HQ41
Nugget HQ450
History of eroticism HQ458
Woman's sex life HQ46
Sex primer for George's wife HQ46
Woman, her sex and her love life HQ46
sexually adequate female. HQ46
Woman and love HQ46
Dialogues of Luisa Sigea: Sotadical satire on the arcana of love and Venus HQ461
Callipyges HQ462
Victor HQ462
Guide to the science of caresses HQ462
The book of love HQ462
Ribald reader: 2000 years of lusty love and laughter HQ462
Sexual life of Robinson Crusoe HQ462
Second ribald reader HQ462
Madame Sex HQ462
Passion's evil HQ463
Kama sutra HQ470
Kama sutra: love precepts of the Brahmins HQ470
Kaamasautra HQ470
My secret life HQ471
Pornography and obscenity: an essay HQ471
A talk with girls HQ51
Growing into maturity HQ51
Attaining womanhood; a doctor talks to girls about sex HQ51
When young people ask about sex HQ56
New patterns in sex teaching, a guide to answering children's questions on human reproduction HQ56
New patterns in sex teaching; the normal sex interests of children and their guidance from infancy to… HQ56
History of orgies HQ64
Erotic symbolism: a study of fetichism in relation to sex  HQ64
Transvestism today; the phenomena of men who dress as women HQ64
Psychopathia sexualis(Hartwich ed.) HQ71
Crossways of sex HQ71
Sexual pathology:  a study of derangements of the sexual instinct HQ71
Sexual pathology:  a study of derangements of the sexual instinct HQ71
Sexual anomalies and perversions HQ71
Sexual criminal: a psychoanalytical study HQ71
Citizen's handbook of sexual abnormalities and the mental hygience approach to their prevention HQ71
Psychopathia sexualis (Hartwich ed.) HQ71
Psychopathia sexualis, with especial reference to the HQ71
Meaning and content of sexual perversions HQ71
Sexual criminal : a psychoanalytical study HQ71
How to protect your child from the sex criminal HQ71
Sexual instinct and its morbid manifestations from the double standpoint of jurisprudence and psychiatry HQ71
Night in a Moorish harem HQ71
Sex-life and the criminal law HQ71
Sex perversions and sex crimes HQ71
Sex perversion and the law HQ71
Sexual deviations HQ71
Psychopathia sexualis; a medico-forensic study HQ71
Variations in sexual behavior; a psychodynamic study of deviations in various expressions of sexual behavior HQ71
Sex offenses; the problem, causes and prevention. HQ71
Marriage bed; an analyst's casebook. HQ723
Art of marriage HQ724
What is wrong with marriage HQ728
Married sweethearts: the role of sex behavior of marriage HQ728
Future of marriage in western civilization HQ728
Successful marriage: an authoritative guide to problems related to marriage from the beginning of sexual attraction to matrimony and the successful rearing of a family HQ728
Married woman; a practical guide to happy marriage HQ728
Art of marriage; a scientific treatise HQ728
Marriage HQ728
Psychological factors in marital happiness HQ728
Successful marriage; a modern guide to love, sex, and family life HQ728
Art and science of marriage HQ728
Future of marriage in western civilisation HQ728
Art of marriage; a scientific treatise HQ728
Control of conception; an illustrated medical manual, HQ728
Married woman; a practical guide to happy marriage,  HQ728
Woman as a sexual criminal HQ73
Female sex perversion HQ73
Female homosexuality HQ73
We walk alone HQ73
Lesbian: a frank, revealing study of women who turn to their own sex for love HQ73
Married love: a new contribution to the solution of sex difficulties HQ734
Preparation for marriage: handbook prepared by a special committee on behalf of the British social hygiene council HQ734
Harmony in marriage HQ734
Your marriage: a guide to happiness HQ734
How to hold your husband HQ734
Mates and mismates: a manual on sex and marriage relation HQ734
Marriage HQ734
Harmony in marriage HQ734
Marriages are not made in heaven HQ734
Preparation for marriage HQ734
Married love; a new contribution to the solution of sex difficulties HQ734
Your marriage HQ734
Morals and marriage; the Catholic background to sex HQ734
Let's stay married HQ734
Man and wife; a source book of family attitudes, sexual behavior… HQ734
Origins and nature of marriage HQ734
Preparation for marriage HQ734
Modern pattern for marriage; the newer understanding of married love HQ734
Married love ; or, Love in marriage HQ734
Harmony in marriage HQ734
Marriages are not made in heaven HQ734
Foundations of happiness in marriage, HQ734
Marriage HQ734
Woman and happy marriage; a psychological study of the feminine mind in relation to marriage and the problem of everyday life HQ734
Marry or burn HQ734
Union in marital love HQ737
Sex hostility in marriage, its origin, prevention and treatment HQ743
man takes a wife; a study of man's problems in and through marriage HQ756
Either is love HQ76
Society and the homosexual HQ76
Homosexuality: disease or way of life? HQ76
Boy prostitution HQ76
Homosexuality: a subjective and objective investigation HQ76
Minority: a report on the life of the male homosexual in Great Britain HQ76
Christ and the homosexual: some observations Hq76
Sex variants; a study of homosexual patterns HQ76
Problem of homosexuality HQ76
On the cause of homosexuality HQ76
Homosexual; a frank study of abnormal sex life among males HQ76
Homosexual in America: a subjective approach HQ76
Homosexuality; a cross cultural approach HQ76
Man on a pendulum; a case history of an invert HQ76
Mentality and homosexuality HQ76
Female-impersonators: a sequel to the Autobiography HQ76
Queer people: the truth about homosexuals HQ76
Venus Castina: famous female impersonators, celestial and human HQ76
Perversions of the sex instinct; a study of sexual inversion based on clinical data and official documents HQ76
Corydon; four Socratic dialogues HQ76
Homosexual freedom HQ76
Artificial insemination in the human HQ761
Hygienic methods of family limitation HQ763
Birth control in marriage HQ766
Rhythm of sterility and fertility in women HQ766
Natural birth control HQ766
Birth control; its uses and misuse HQ766
Natural control of contraception HQ766
Nature's own birth control HQ766
Nature's way; the fertile and sterile periods of marriage HQ766
Truth about birth control (a guide for medical, legal & HQ766
Population pressure; war and poverty HQ766
Medical history of contraception HQ766
Controlled fertility; an evaluation of clinic service HQ766
Birth control in practice; analysis of ten thousand case… HQ766
Judgment on birth control HQ766
Practical birth-control methods HQ766
Planned parenthood; a practical guide to birth-control HQ766
Marriage and periodic abstinence HQ766
Planned parenthood: a practical guide to birth-control HQ766
Abortion: legal or illegal? HQ767
Sadism and masochism: the psychology of hatred and cruelty HQ79
Marquis de Sade, the man and his age HQ79
Sadism and masochism; the psychology of hatred and cruelty HQ79
Exhibitionism HQ79
Sexual masochism; the sexual pleasure of pain, HQ79
How every girl can choose, win, hold and enjoy a man HQ801
Conditioned love; the art of winning and holding a man's love HQ801
Marital infidelity HQ806
Encyclopedia of sex education; the biological,… HQ9
Case studies in the psychopathology of crime. HV6080
Roma amor; essay on erotic elements in Etruscan and Roman art N8217
Love's picture book; the history of pleasure and moral indignation N8217
erotic sculpture of India NB1002
Kama kala; some notes on the philosophical basis of Hindu erotic scupture NB1002
First nudes NC1115
Drawings and water colours NC1157
human form in Indian sculpture NC1255
Girls from La Vie Parisienne NC1498
Art and anatomy NC760
Around the living female figure NC760
Art and the nude NC760
Anthropometry and anatomy NC760
Long scroll; a Zen landscape journey ND1059
Woodcuts of New China NE1183
Love books of Ovid PA6522
Rural dialect of Grant County, Indiana, in the 'nineties PE3101
Grant County, Indiana ; speech and song PE3101
Book of the thousand nights and one night PJ7715
Eastern shame girl PL3277
Music hall PN1962
My life story PN2598
Brigitte Bardot and the Lolita syndrome. PN2638
Dictionary of erotic literature PN56
Literary guide to seduction PN56
Love in literature PN6071
You only live twice: the secret and private writings of two trip teasers PN616
Southwest corner: America's greatest collection of breezy stories PN6162
Naughty, but nice PN6162
Happiness is a rat fink PN6162
Pious pornographers PN6162
Jest on sex ; sexplosively sexsational sinerama of life… PN6162
Sexations PN6231
Some limericks, collected for the use of students and ensplendoured'd with introduction… PN6231
Limericks: 1700 examples, with notes, variants, and index PN6231
Treasure of pleasure: how to be sexcessful PN6231
Furthermore over sexteen PN6231
Sexorama PN6231
Book of limericks PN6231
Are you over sexty PN6231
Are you under sexty? PN6231
Sexpert's travel guide PN6231
More over sexteen sequel PN6231
Book of bawdy ballads. PN6231
Over sexteen; prudes won't think it funny! PN6231
Sixth over sexteen PN6231
Fifteen joys of marriage PQ1567
Some merry and delightsome stories PQ1811
Pleasures and follies of a good-natured libertine--Being English rendering of L'anti-Justine PQ2025
Life and ideas of the Marquis de Sade PQ2063
Bedroom philosophers PQ2063
120 days of Sodom PQ2063
Droll tales; the second decade PQ2164
Sappho PQ2216
Temptation of St. Anthony PQ2246
Mademoiselle de Maupin PQ2258
Colours: faithfully rendered from the French of Remy dee Gourmont PQ2266
Marthe, the story of a woman PQ2309
Amorous exploits of a young rakehell PQ2601
Private memoirs of a profiteer  PQ2601
Passions, roman PQ2603
Black opium PQ2611
Where love is fear: the memoirs of "La Marquise" PQ2611
Our Lady of the Flowers PQ2613
Ubu roi PQ2619
King Turd PQ2619
Aphrodite PQ2623
Psyche PQ2623
Collected works of Pierre Louÿs PQ2623
What are you going to do about Alf?  PQ2631
Body's rapture PQ2635
Amorous adventutres of a lady of quality; or the weaknesses of a pretty woman PQ2639
Stop! Taxi.  PQ2664
Decameron PQ4272
Most pleasant and delectable questions of love PQ4272
Decameron PQ4272
Bawdy ballads and lusty lyrics PR1175
Fanny hill: Memoirs of a woman of pleasure PR3348
My life and loves PR4759
Private life of Frank Harris PR4759
Bagnio miscellany PR4894
Pennycomequick PR6000
Perfumed dusk: selection of short stories, poems, paintings and drawings PR6001
Sex literature and censorship; PR6023
investigator: a narrative in dialogue PR6037
Transgressor PS3503
Perfumed savage PS3503
Your cell! Your hell! PS3505
sorrows of Priapus PS3507
These are the dreams PS3511
Life and death of Saint Adolphe. PS3511
Life lines; a divertisement PS3513
Rabelaisian reminiscences of Reno PS3519
Waiting for nothing PS3521
Tropic of Cancer PS3525
Rosy crucifixion PS3525
Black spring PS3525
Fun hunting with MacPherson; a guide to finer fowl PS3525
That animal instinct PS3527
Men are clumsy lovers PS3537
Place of love PS3537
Tale of the nineties PS3543
Memoirs of a smoking jacket PS3561
Immortalia; an anthology of American ballads, sailor's songs, cowboy songs…. PS593
Venus in furs PT2461
Wild sweet wine: superb stories of sensual love PZ1
Memoirs of a Russian princess, gleaned from her diary PZ3
A girl ought to work PZ3
Other men's wives PZ3
"She": a novel of innocence PZ3
Semi-detached wife PZ3
Test tube baby PZ3
Path of desire PZ3
Pleasures of Vienna: a novel PZ3
Aphrodite PZ3
Fleshy prelude PZ3
Desire, and other stories PZ3
Debauched hospodar PZ3
Watt PZ3
Surrender PZ3
Voluptuous night PZ3
Lolita PZ3
Perverted lady PZ3
Pay day PZ3
BUtterfield 8 PZ3
short stories of James T. Farrell. PZ3
Down there: a study in satanism PZ3
Sow's ear PZ3
Bessie Cotter PZ3
Bestiary PZ3
Marthe and the madman PZ3
Replenishing Jessica. PZ3
Molloy : a novel PZ3
Candide, or, Optimism PZ3
Most wonderful nights of love of Casanova PZ3
Mr. Boccaccio of Broadway PZ3
Sexarians PZ3
Excerpts from Visions of Cody PZ3
Jail bait PZ3
Jou pu tuan; the prayer mat of flesh PZ3
Our Lady of the Flowers PZ3
Casanova in khaki PZ3
Take me PZ3
Good night PZ4
Misfortunes of Mary PZ4
Milady PZ4
Whipping post PZ4
Sadopaideia: the experiences of Mr. Predergrast PZ4
Memories of love PZ4
Enormous bed PZ4
Voluptuous experiment PZ4
Cruise of the Bizarre PZ4
Delicious nights PZ4
Modern slaves: a profound study of the forces of destiny PZ4
Passionate lash PZ4
Down and down and down PZ4
No holds barred PZ4
Mabel's torments PZ4
Cautious bachelor PZ4
She-devils PZ4
Models and madness PZ4
The Organization PZ4
Virgin territory PZ4
Juvenile lead PZ4
Cruise to the end of love PZ4
Abandon PZ4
Lascivious abbot PZ4
Georgia-Sue PZ4
Fetish crowd-A trilogy PZ4
No more child's play PZ4
Restless love PZ4
Voodoo PZ4
Without shame PZ4
Business as usual PZ4
Ladies at night PZ4
Three passionate lovers PZ4
Hedyphagetica: romantic argument after certain old models and containing and assortment of heroes, scenes of antrhopophagy and of pathos PZ4
Whip angels PZ4
Play this love with me PZ4
Rogue women PZ4
Ginger man PZ4
Tender was my flesh PZ4
Enormous bed PZ4
Chariot of flesh PZ4
Loins of Amon PZ4
Rape PZ4
Cinderella of love PZ4
Pleasure thieves PZ4
Thongs PZ4
Skirts PZ4
Heaven, hell and the whore PZ4
Sarabande for a bitch PZ4
Itch, the PZ4
Forbidden paths PZ4
How to do it PZ4
Kama houri PZ4
Until she screams PZ4
Small rooms of Paris PZ4
Lady Susan's cruel lover PZ4
Wantons PZ4
Pleasure island PZ4
Fleshy inheritance PZ4
Ordeal of the rod PZ4
Whipping post PZ4
Gilded lily PZ4
Desire and Molly's mishap PZ4
Young and evil PZ4
Angela gets on PZ4
Artist's dilemma PZ4
Linda's strange vacation PZ4
Unfaithful PZ4
Love together PZ4
Whips incorporated PZ4
Intimate interviews PZ4
Nightmare PZ4
Soft machine PZ4
Women in passion: a study of frenzy and perversion PZ4
Flaming heart PZ4
Innocence PZ4
Roman orgy PZ4
Deva-dasi PZ4
Naked lunch PZ4
Case PZ4
Iniquity. PZ4
wisdom of the lash PZ4
What makes Monique run PZ4
English governess PZ4
House of Borgia PZ4
Pursuit of happiness. PZ4
Night PZ4
Story of O PZ4
Libertine. PZ4
Ginger man PZ4
Who pushed Paula PZ4
Terror PZ4
Lust PZ4
Gallery of nudes PZ4
Watcher and the watched PZ4
Flesh and bone PZ4
Adult's story PZ4
Walt Disney's Living desert QH88
Human sex anatomy; a topographical hand atlas QM401
Human sex anatomy QM401
Illustrated sex atlas QM401
Natural philisophy of love QP251
Periodic family and sterility in woman: a natural method of birth control QP251
Cultural and scientific pictorial studies in sex anatomy and the technique of coitus in man, woman, and in the third and fourth sexes QP251
Our sex life: a guide & counsellor for everyone Qp251
Practical birth control and sex predetermination QP251
Sexual precocity QP251
Time of ovulation in women; a study on the fertile period in the menstrual cycle QP261
Change of life in men and women QP84
Woman's prime of life; making the most of maturity R186
"Bad dames" RA607
Breast beautiful RA778
It's up to you RA781
Troubled women RC465
Torments of a frigid woman; a case history of a difficulty RC465
Troubled women RC465
In the life RC465
Sex and hypnosis: a doctor's report on the daring new therapy for emotional problems and sexual conflicts RC497
Dark urge RC506
Perversions, psychodynamics and therapy RC557
Use of hypnosis in psychopathia sexualis RC557
Homosexuality, transvestism and change of sex RC557
Sexual deviations in the female; case histories of frustrated women RC557
Voyage from Lesbos; the psychoanalysis of a female homosexual RC558
Sexual hygiene and pathology; a manual for the physician RC875
Diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders in the male and female, including sterility and impotence RC877
Neurotic counterfeit-sex; impotence, frigidity, "mechanical" and pseudosexuality, homosexuality. RC877
Man into woman; an authentic record of a change of sex RC883
Fertility in women RC889
Impotence in the male; the psychic disorders of the sexual… Rc889
Sexual impotence in the male RC889
Heritable disorders of connective tissue. RC925
Textbook of gynecology RG101
Female endicrinology RG103
Office gynecology RG103
Contraception (birth control) its theory, history and practice RG136
Human fertility RG136
Contraception as a therapeutic measure RG136
Control of contraception RG136
Modern method of birth control RG136
Technique of birth control RG136
Conception period of women RG136
Clinical contraception RG136
Physicians' manual of birth control RG136
Woman's prime of life; making the most of maturity RG186
Woman's change of life; a book of counsel and guidance… RG186
Hermaphrodite: the human intersex RG215
Abortion: Spontaneous or induced RG648
Natural childbirth before your eyes! The complete story told in photographs RG661
Postures & practices during labor among primitive peoples RG669
Aphrodisiacs: from legend to prescription RM386
Wilhelm Reich biographical material: history of the discovery of the life energy, the emotional plague of mankind RZ999
American sexual tragedy. HQ18
Systology: The science upon wagering upon horse races SF331
Horse race wagering with twenty-five tested systems SF331
Valet: ban investment in success SF331
Suggestions, with facts and figures, on horse racing SF331
Salon photography TK1
Perspective of nudes TP675
Best photography TR1
Good photography TR1
Photography handbook TR146
Pictorialist: compilation of photographs from the fourteenth annual international salon of pictorial photography…Los Angeles TR650
Photos TR650
Classic art photography TR650
Creative pictures TR650
Prize winning photography TR650
Photography today, for everyone who loves good pictures… TR650
Photography and the art of seeing TR650
Max Dupain photographs TR650
Photographing glamour TR650
Model: a portrait of beauty by ten master photographers TR675
Photo study techniques TR675
Canadian beauty TR675
Camera studies TR675
Photographich unknown beauties TR675
Nudes of Jean Strakar TR675
Technique of figure photography TR675
Peter Basch photographs glamorous women TR675
Face and figure photography TR675
Glamour camera portrays European and American beauty TR675
Glamour photography TR675
Leading models from Line and form: photographic art studies TR675
Model: a portrait of beauty by ten master photographers TR675
Peter Basch photographs beauty TR675
Form photography: the art of the camera TR675
Young nudes: Study from Japan TR675
Creative camera TR675
Photo studies TR675
Figure photography TR675
Nude in 101 moodes TR675
Best nudes TR675
Five girls TR675
Art of glamour photography TR675
Famous photographers photograph beautiful women TR675
Form and Figure TR675
Nude, figure and glamour photography TR675
Perspective of nudes TR675
Nudes TR675
Figure photography TR675
Guide for the amateur photographer's model TR675
Photographing women of the world TR675
My hundred best studies TR675
How to pose the model TR675
Guide to photographing women TR675
history of the nude in photography TR675
Curves and colour TR675
How to shoot for glamour TR675
Figure studies TR675
Art and photography of the body beautiful TR675
Guide to figure photography TR675
How to pose the model TR675
Second sitting; another artist's model. TR675
Studies of the human form by two masters TR675
Nude TR675
Photographing the nude TR675
Hal Reiff's glamour manual. TR675
How to take glamour photos TR680
Photo studies TR680
Candid photography TR820
Bottoms up; with illus. TX951
first course in cryptanalysis Z104